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When I was a baby my uncle looked at my long fingers and declared I would be a writer. Through the magic of hindsight, I realize he was right. My favorite classes involved writing — such as English and History. For fun I create a family blog, which began as an extension of our annual holiday letter and has grown into a way I connect throughout the year. I love writing to friends and family, and consider everyone I have ever met a friend, and often a family member if there is even the slightest relational connection.

My passion is talking to people and learning their unique stories. That is why I founded the Pillsbury Press. I took the work I was already doing writing for local newspapers, helping authors finish their books, and recording family histories and turned it into my business. When you hire Pillsbury Press for your writing needs, you are hiring me.

My super powers include reading upside down, and being highly organized and detail oriented. I love it when I can brainstorm with a client to make their dreams come true, and then be able to work independently to make that happen. When I say I can and will do something, I always do. I have yet to miss a deadline. My goal is to always deliver the product early so neither one of us has to worry about it being completed on time.

Click HERE for a link to my writing samples.

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