When you are at a fork in the road, take it … Yogi Berra

After eight years of running my own freelance writing business I realized I was ready to return to a more traditional work setting. Some freelance clients dried up and I was tired of looking for new ones. I am ready to be anchored. I could see the fork in the road, and, channelling my inner Yogi Berra, decided to take it.

The past few months I wrapped up some freelance work and made the leap to looking for the perfect job for me at this time. It was scary.

I was fortunate in that I already had a solid resume. I am also a very good writer. Eight years of writing for local newspapers, a masters degree in library, and an undergraduate degree in history, have helped me to hone my writing skills. My other asset is I have wonderful friends who continue to send me job leads and (more importantly) love and support.

Even with those building blocks, I was unprepared in other ways.

I am launching this blog to share my adventures with freelance and job searching.


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