Volunteering is good for the soul, and sometimes can lead to a new job, a career change, or a new direction in life. As I journey on my search for a part-time position with a local non-profit, I pondered the volunteering I have been doing since leaving the traditional workforce.

I have enjoyed volunteering with Dressed for Success and the Historical Society of Princeton so much it is a contributing factor to why I want to only work part-time right now, or continue with my freelance work in order to have the flexibility in order to continue with these wonderful organizations.

The Dress for Success mission is to help women achieve financial independence. Boy does that resonate with me! It starts with “the suit” — the interview suit, and continues with resume and IMG_1552

interview help. Once a woman lands a job she can return for 5 outfits in order that she can confidently have the clothes needed to start her new career. They help all women. All of my women friends (sorry men) should visit them when going through a career transition. They dressed me for my interview. Wearing the suit has given me a new level of confidence, though as of now it has not led to a job offer.


Through the Historical Society of Princeton’s Voices of Princeton program I facilitate interviews between two people — the interviewer and the interviewee. They chat for an hour. I turn the tape recorder on and off, and guide them through the interview. I will be facilitating my first interview on Monday — wish me luck! As my passion is recording personal histories, this is an ideal volunteer opportunity for me.


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