Father’s Day Special

Mr. MNG -- my dadMy niche market is sitting down with people in their 70’s, 80’s, and beyond and listening to their stories. Just today an 87-year old woman was telling me about how in her day Catholic School cost a dollar a month. This was in the 1903’s and that was a lot of money then. She nearly fell off her chair when I told her how much Catholic School costs today! That is just a tiny little story, but without someone like me recording that, and putting it in a book, the story is lost to future generations.

In honor of my dad — Mr. MNG (which stands for Mr. Nice Guy) I am running a Father’s Day Special. My favorite clients have been sons who recognize their dads’ stories are special, but either lack the time or the patience to preserve then. That’s where me and my tape recorder step in. I get dad telling his stories to a fresh audience, type them up, add some magic depending on the story, and give it to you in a book format. You’d be amazed how often people come over and study the books I leave out on the coffee table. They walk away learning new things about my family members.

My rates are flexible. To me the most important part is preserving the stories.

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