Benefits of a Spare Set of Eyes

Yesterday, I shared my Father’s Day Special at, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Today, a friend caught a typo in my first sentence: My niche market is sitting down with people in the 70’s, 80’s, and beyond and listening to their stories. She asked me how I mastered the skill of time travel. I replied that is why we all need a proofreader, or at least taking time to read something as basic as an email with a fresh set of eyes.

Before I publish any family story I share it with my clients. This gives them a chance to find mistakes big and small (Did I really type they were born in 2944?). I enlist an eagle-eyed proofreader at the end of a project as a sanity check. This ensures her eyes are fresh when she reads the final product. There is also the reassurance the final product is delivered with an electronic version making future changes easy as the life story evolves.


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