Photo Memoir

One of my most personal projects was creating a photo memoir about my mother-in-law, whom I call Honey Bunny. Honey Bunny was a closet artist. It wasn’t until after she moved out of her home and into assisted living did I have a chance to see the breadth of her talent. To say she was prolific would be putting it mildly. Even after throwing away hundreds of unfinished, or just not good pieces, I photographed over 600 pieces of art. This was on top of the hundreds of counting cross stitch pieces we donated to a local church for their rummage sale, about a hundred boxes of loom samples donated to HomeFront for their sewing area, and approximately 3,000 art books donated to the local library for their book sale. The quantity was overwhelming.

After she passed away I took her artwork and photographed these 600 pieces. I then narrowed the pile down to about 150 to share in a book (my goal had been 100). I organized the book thematically and included a few pictures of her from throughout her life. The end result is can be HERE found at Shutterfly.

The book has received a lot of praise from family and friends. When I set out to start my memoir business I did not anticipate it going in this direction. My vision was to create books filled mostly with words, accompanied by a few images to highlight the story. This book is the inverse, and also the perfect vehicle to tell Honey Bunny’s story.

The book also launched my first speaking engagement. Other groups are interested in hearing me speak this year. The topic of my speech was “hidden talents.” Through speaking about Honey Bunny’s life I learned I have a hidden talent to speak to groups, something that in the past had frightened me. I’m still growing. I hope you are, too.

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