Job Hunting is Like a Roller Coaster

223A recent trip to Knoebels Amusement Resort had me thinking about job hunting. A few months ago I made the leap from freelance work to job hunting. It was becoming obvious to me I did not have the time or the focus to do both well, and my end goal is to find a part-time position with a local non-profit.

I came up with the analogy job hunting is like riding a roller coaster. There is the anticipation as you climb that first giant hill and send out your resume, followed by the freedom of putting it in their (and God’s) hands as you realize you are no longer in control. The belly flops and butterflies come as you are diving head first towards the earth and suddenly you receive a call for an interview. This is followed by the feeling of free floating with the interview goes well and you are too excited to stay in your seat. Unfortunately (so far for me) that is followed by the sudden stop when I get word they hired someone else.

I continue to long for the day they tell me to stay on the coaster for another spin, or walk me to a new ride — maybe the sky ride where I can look around and finally see the overall picture. When that day comes I will be screaming at the top of my lungs, just like I do when riding a really awesome roller coaster.

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